About Us

Achievement Bute is a families-led voluntary organisation which provides a wide range of inclusive activities for all children and young people on Bute. We were set up by parents of children with disabilities in 1998 who wanted to make sure that all young people could be fully included in activities in their local community.

Check out Achievement Bute – ‘A Brief History’ to find out more about the roots and growth of the charity. Below is a list of the services currently offered by the organisation:

Children’s Events & Activities

Our Term-time Clubs and Activities are developed in response to ideas and suggestions generated by children and parents. To find out about our upcoming events and activities, click here.

Holiday Programmes

We provide a programme of activities during the Easter, Summer, October and Christmas school holidays. This includes den-building weeks, drama/dance/music/film-making projects, themed play-days for younger children, and a variety of trips and family events. To find out about our upcoming events and activities, click here.

Support Services

We are registered with the Care Inspectorate as a Support Service: ‘Care At Home’. This enables us to provide support to children with disabilities in as wide a range of environments as possible. As of September 2019 we have been awarded the following grades:

  • Quality of Care and Support – 5 (Very Good)
  • Quality of Management and Leadership – 5 (Very Good)
  • Quality of Staffing (last assessed in 2018) – 5 (Very Good)


Our Confidential Counselling Service delivered by a clinical child psychologist. This is a unique service which is otherwise not available on the island. The counsellor helps families of children with disabilities to deal with any issues that arise from a diagnosis and provides ongoing support. To access our free confidential service, click here.

Parent Support Group

From time to time we run parent support groups, which allow parents to talk about their own experiences with their child in an atmosphere of empathy and understanding on an ongoing basis.

Advocacy and Support

We can provide advocacy and support for parents to attend meetings, signposting to other services and organisations, advice and information. We also regularly invite speakers to give training, advice and information on a variety of topics raised by families.

“Being in a room of professionals getting a diagnosis for a child is daunting. We were told Autism nothing more, nothing else Autism and handed an information booklet and basically told get on with it! This is the point you walk about in a daze scouring the internet for all the information you can find. But it doesn’t help! 

It’s a lonely place thinking you’re the only person dealing with this not to mention how are you to help your child who’s going through it and will for the rest of their life. After speaking to a friend about what has happened they mentioned Achievement Bute. 

When I contacted them the staff were so helpful and welcoming. They helped us. We were helped with everything from meltdowns to support in school meetings. Now we are entering the mentoring program which was set up by the help through the counselling service to help my child with important tasks to help for future independence. I myself am part of the parent support group speaking and helping other parents who have or going through the same process I have. We are all in it together! 

Without the help and support from Achievement Bute I dread to think how these last few years could have been.” 

-One of Our Parents