Haven’t they all done well?

At Achievement Bute we’re incredibly lucky to work with so many wonderful and talented young people (and adults!). When we set them a task, they always knock it out the park! Here’s a look at some of their more recent work, haven’t they all done well?

'The Great BUTE-ish Bake Off'

Before the summer holidays our very own Layla and Molly were setting our budding young bakers with challenges to keep them busy in the kitchen! Check out their entries below and, if you’d like to re-live Season 1, check out our ‘Bake Off’ page here.

Week 1 – Biscuit Week

Week 2 – Pizza Week

Week 3 – Cupcake Week

Week 4 – ‘No Bake’ Week

Week 5 – Breakfast Week

Week 6 – Chocolate Week

Week 7 – Healthy(ish) Week

Week 8 – 3-Ingredient Challenge Week

Week 9 – Frozen Week

Week 10 – Finals Week

'Comic Strip Challenge'

Comic Strip Challenge was an art activity put together by our very own Louise Johnson. Normally Louise works on the production side of our “Jumping off the Stage” project, but during the lock-down she set a number of online art challenges. Check out some of the amazing artwork we received: